7 Best Toaster Ovens With Burners on Top

Tosater Oven With Burners on Top

Just when you think toaster ovens can’t get any better, well, they do. With toaster ovens that have burners on top, you can easily make bagels and pancakes at the same time. Or go with toaster oven baked potatoes while preparing fried eggs at the same time.

How cool is that? Really cool if you ask me, especially if you consider that this type of toaster oven can replace few kitchen appliances at the same time, the most notable being regular oven and stove.

Best Toaster Ovens With Burners

Whether you should or should not get a toaster oven with burners is a no-brainer. The answer is a simple yes! However, deciding on which one you should take can be a daunting task. That’s why I’m here, to help you make a right choice. Following is the list of the best toaster ovens with burners on top.

NutriChef 1400 Watt Convection Oven

  • 1400 W power
  • two rack positions
  • convection heating
  • very energy efficient
  • two burners on top for more efficiency

NutriChef is a countertop oven that preheats very quickly. It is a great alternative to full-sized ovens that waste energy and heat up your house. This countertop oven is also very safe when it comes to having smaller kids around, than a large oven.

It is also very easy to clean because of the stain-resistant interior, and with a removable grill rack, this process is even easier. With two burners on top, you can prepare coffee or boil water for your morning tea while waiting for your breakfast.

Convection Heating

With specially built convection heating that transfers heat throughout the toaster oven for better results and maximum efficiency, your cooking process will be much easier. You do not have to worry about the time because this toaster oven is built for faster results. Your meal will be cooked evenly on every side.

Very Energy Efficient

This toaster oven is the perfect choice when it comes to preparing smaller meals. Compared to larger ovens that usually waste much more energy than smaller ovens, preparing smaller meals is very energy inefficient. But with this toaster oven that is much smaller than a regular oven, you do not have to waste energy on heating unnecessary space.

High and Low Rack Positions

For better results, this oven has two rack positions that can be adjusted to your needs. You can place your meal closer to the broiler, or if you need more space you can choose a lower oven rack position.

Avanti MKB42B Toaster Oven With Burners On Top

  • 5 functions for preparing food
  • dual burners on top
  • fits on every countertop
  • energy and time-efficient

Avanti is a toaster oven that is not very spacious so it means that it can fit on any countertop. You can prepare whatever meal you desire and with a recipe book that comes with this toaster oven, you can finally enjoy the meal preparing process.

Dual Burners On Top

This toaster oven is equipped with two burners on top for better time and energy efficiency. If your meal is made from 2 parts, you do not have to wait. Burners are pretty large so you can easily place a normal size cooking pan, or if you need to boil a larger amount of water. Your meal is prepared in no time with this multi-functional toaster oven.

5 Functions For Preparing Your Meal

This toaster oven is equipped with 5 different cooking functions. Some of them are convection broiling, baking, and many more. You can prepare medium size pizza or 12 chicken nuggets, or if you want to prepare frozen foods, convection broil can be very useful.

Convection Baking For Better Results

Convection baking is a function that makes your meal evenly cooked. Hot air is being transferred to every spot for better results. Also, it increases the quality and taste of your meal. Convection rotisserie is another function that is rotating rotisserie for even better meal results.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Toaster Oven

  • removable oven racks
  • perfect for outdoor activities
  • very powerful 
  • perfect for any type of meal

This outdoor toaster oven is made for the outdoor environment. It is a very powerful oven that can reach up to 400° F. It is very spacious which means that you can prepare a large amount of food with ease. Your camping experience can be improved with this outdoor oven.

Very Powerful

Camp Chef outdoor oven is very powerful which means that you can prepare any kind of food. From breakfast to family dinners, this oven can do the job pretty well. It is made from material that can is rain but also sun proof. Now you can prepare your meal outside and not worry about your house being hot and smelly.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

This outdoor oven has removable oven racks which are also dishwasher friendly so you can easily clean them. Interior is made from non stick material so one swipe with cloth can do the job.

Elite EBK 3-in-1 Breakfast Station Toaster Oven 

  • coffee maker, oven, griddle 
  • toast shade function with a 30-minute timer
  • very easy to clean and maintain
  • retro red exterior
  • perfect for any type of kitchen

Elite is a very retro toaster oven that comes in red color. It is equipped with a griddle, oven, and coffee maker, which makes this toaster oven a perfect breakfast maker. Because of its compact size and design, this toaster oven can fit in almost any kitchen. With burners on top, this toaster oven is also very time efficient.

Spacious Toaster Oven Capacity

Interior can accommodate 4 slices of bread or a medium 7-inch pizza. It has 1500 watts of power which makes this toaster oven a very powerful beast. From cooking functions, this toaster oven has bake, toast, warm, and heat functions for a better cooking experience. 

Toast Shade Function

This toaster oven has a toast shade function which allows you to choose how much your toast will be prepared. You can choose from darker to medium and lighter toast shades. It also has a 30-minute timer which reminds you when your meal is ready.

Easy To Clean

This toaster oven is made from a material that is easy to clean. Everything from wire rack, crumb tray, to griddle plate, is very easy to clean so you do not have to worry about the burned smell that can be very unpleasant.

Elite Gourmet Countertop With Burners On Top

  • can fit 6 slices of bread
  • timer and temperature settings
  • very modern exterior design
  • easy to use and maintain

Elite Gourmet is a toaster oven that can fit on any kitchen countertop. The Interior is very spacious and can easily accommodate a large 12-inch pizza, 6 slices of toast, or chicken. It is perfect for a family with a lot of hungry mouths. With a griddle on top, you can simultaneously prepare more meals at the same time. 

Exterior Design

This toaster oven comes in black color, with very modern features. It has a griddle and grill, with a slide-out crumb tray, oven top dome lid, pan removal handle, for easier access. All of these features will make your cooking process very easier and more enjoyable.

Griddle Placed On Top

It is equipped with a griddle that is placed on top. When preparing food on this griddle, you do not have to use additional pans or pots, which can be very handy. It is very useful for baking eggs, bacon, hamburgers, bread, or even pancakes. It comes with a lid for faster results when preparing vegetables, or to cover food and keep it warm.

Timer And Temperature

On this toaster, you can set the desired temperature with easy-to-use settings. Temperature is adjustable and can range from 200 to 450 °F. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes, or if you want your meal to be cooked longer, there is a stay-on option.

SUNPENTOWN Breakfast Maker

  • easy to clean and maintain
  • has a coffee maker that has a reusable filter
  • spacious griddle on top
  • stainless steel exterior

Made from stainless steel, this toaster oven is the best choice when it comes to exterior design. It has a black cabinet and a heat-resistant door that makes this toaster oven even safer to use. Because of its overall modern design, there is no doubt that this toaster oven won’t fit your kitchen.

Griddle On Top

On top of the toaster oven is placed griddle. It measures 9.25″ x 5.5″. This griddle can bake eggs, bacon, sausages, everything that is necessary for breakfast. Also, this toaster oven has a timer that can be set up to 60 minutes. You can prepare breakfast faster because the griddle and oven can be used at the same time for more efficiency.

Coffee Maker

With this oven, comes a coffee maker. You can prepare tea or coffee very fast. It also contains a coffee filter that can be reused and easily installed. This feature is very useful because you do not have to wait for your breakfast to be made.

Easy To Maintain

This toaster oven comes with a filter, baking tray, glass pot. All these parts are easy to clean and maintain. Before usage, they should be cleaned. A crumb tray can easily be accessed from the bottom of the oven so you can clean crumbs that can get stuck and cause an unpleasant smell.

Elite Cuisine Gourmet Toaster Oven

  • 15-minute timer
  • vintage exterior design
  • removable griddle for easier cleanup

Elite is a vintage toaster oven that comes in blue and white color. It has a toaster oven, griddle, and coffee maker. It also has a nonstick griddle, coffee filter, and coffee carafe, roasting pan, and baking rack. Because of its size and overall design, this toaster oven can fit in any kitchen.

Features Timer

With this toaster oven, you can prepare small pizza, waffles, 4 slices of bread, or muffins. It also has a 15-minute timer which reminds you when your meal is ready. With this timer, you will not forget about your meal. 

Easy To Clean

With a slideout crumb tray, your clean-up process can be very time and energy-efficient. Now you can reach spots that you wouldn’t with other regular toaster ovens.

5.5 Inch Griddle For Breakfast

The griddle is placed on top of the toaster oven. You can prepare regular ingredients for your breakfast like eggs, bacon, sausages, or even pancakes all without using an additional pan. After you finish the cooking process, a griddle is removable so you can clean it with ease.

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