How to Use a Toaster to Make a Perfect Toast

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Want to enjoy some toasted bread but don’t know how to use your toaster? Trust me, we have all been there. I am here to help you and instruct you on how to make the toast to your liking. Grab your toaster and let’s get into it!

How to Use a Toaster

Sooner or later, we all have to learn how to do stuff on our own. That includes learning how to use a toaster to toast bread. It takes just a few minutes from setting the toaster up to enjoying your toast.

Plug the Toaster

First, you want to make sure that your toaster is plugged in. Either that or you can power it by cycling, just as Robert Förstemann did in the famous toaster challenge.

Select the Shade

Adjust the knob to the shade of your liking. Remember that the digits correspond to the shade and follow one another gradually – the first one corresponding to the lightest shade and the last one to the darkest shade.

Put the Bread

Of course, there is no toast without bread. Slide the slice of bread into the slot on top of your toaster.

Push the Lever

Now it’s time for the bread to get toasted. For that to happen, find the lever placed on the side of your toaster and push it down.

Sit Back & Wait

While the bread is being toasted, stay put and trust your smell buds. If you smell the toast burning, pull the lever back up. If everything goes well, once the timer goes off and the lever pops back up, you can remove the bread.

Enjoy Your Toast

It only took a couple of minutes and whatever you were toasting, reheating, or defrosting is done. Using a toaster is a no-brainer and once you go through it a couple of times it becomes like riding a bike – you can’t forget it.

What Else Can You Put in a Toaster?

Apart from toasting bread, you can use your toaster for reheating, variable browning or defrosting many other foods. 

For instance, you can reheat waffles, heat up Pop-Tarts or even make paninis and grilled cheese. Yup, you read that right. Paninis and grilled cheese! Though, for this you will need a non-stick toaster bag to avoid the grease and cheese dripping in your toaster. 

Some toasters even have a bagel function, perfect for crisping the inner side of the bagel while gently toasting the other side.

As Easy as Using a Toaster!

Now that you’ve mastered using a toaster, you get why toaster is such a beloved kitchen appliance amongst millions of Americans. Namely, it is easy to use and whatever pops out of it comes out crispy to perfection and delicious! Make your mornings joyful.

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Hi everyone! My name is Larry Flynn and I've been working in the kitchen appliance industry for decades. From manufacturing to retail and everything in between. My latest hobby is running this website, where I share all the knowledge I gathered throughout the years in the industry. I also run a small toaster repair shop in downtown NY, and collect vintage toasters.

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