5 Sustainable Ways to Dispose of a Toaster

Dusty Toaster in a Trash Can

Do something small today that changes the world for the better. If we want to call Earth home in the foreseeable future, it’s important that we think about our waste. Regular or e-waste it doesn’t matter, we can still play our role for the sustainable future.

When talking about properly disposing waste we can’t overlook toasters as they cannot be thrown into the trash. Thus, let’s find out the best ways to dispose of a toaster.

Can You Throw a Toaster in The Trash?

No, you cannot throw a toaster in the trash. Moreover, in some states, it’s illegal to throw toasters and any other kitchen appliances in the trash. Toasters consist of materials such as nichrome, copper, iron, and plastic. These materials are notorious for harming the environment by leaching toxic chemicals.

Are Toasters Considered e-Waste?

Being electrical appliances, toasters are considered e-waste. The definition of e-waste states that anything that needs electricity in order to run is considered e-waste, including toasters. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to dispose of a toaster the right way.

Can You Recycle a Toaster?

Toasters can be recycled though it requires a special procedure. It’s not something you can do on your own, nor your average recycle center. Being e-waste, toasters require a special recycling process in order to be properly recycled and, currently, only specialized companies and retailers are responsible for that.

Ways to Dispose of a Toaster

Despite the fact that you can’t recycle it on your own or throw it out in the trash, there are plenty of other ways to dispose of your toaster.

Get in Touch With the Retailer

If you are not sure how to recycle the toaster by yourself or where exactly to put it up for recycling, don’t worry. Most of the retailers offer special recycling programs in place.

Find Certified Recyclers

Currently, only specialized recycling companies and manufacturers take on the responsibility for recycling e-waste like toasters. Find a certified recycler you trust and consult with them on the best option for you.

Repair It

There is hope for every little toaster out there. Find a repairman you trust and if you see it worthy of repair – let those wires heat for a little bit more! 

If your toaster is in working condition, I am sure your local charity would love to hold it until it finds a new home. And If you have a special or a rare kind of toaster that’s just filling up the space on your kitchen counter, why not donate it to a museum?

Buy Nothing groups are another great way to pass on goods that you no longer need. 

Make it a Fun DIY Project

If you have some time on your hands and like being crafty and like DIY projects, then with just a little bit of imagination you can think of a way to repurpose your good old toaster. Also, this way you recycle it without throwing it away. 

Keep the Environment Clean!

Saying your toaster goodbye might come hard, but you can make sure its life continues. Either through proper recycling or donating, your toaster will continue to live.

Now, in case you haven’t already, you should start thinking about a new toaster. I myself like to go with the domestic made products. That’s why I suggest you check out my review of the best toasters made in the USA.

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