How to Dispose of a Toaster Oven The Right Way

Disposing of a Toaster Oven

When it comes to disposing of your toaster oven, you’ll want to ensure that you do so safely. Your toaster oven needs to be disposed of in a way that protects the environment as well as people’s health.

Can You Throw a Toaster Oven in The Trash?

It’s best that you don’t throw your toaster oven in the trash. Usually, at least some of the components of the toaster oven can be recycled or repaired. Putting a toaster oven in the garbage will just mean it sits in a landfill since the plastic and metal parts will not break down.

Is a Toaster Oven Considered e-Waste?

Older toaster ovens are unlikely to be considered e-waste. However, modern toaster ovens often come with an electronic display that can use materials like lead and cadmium. Therefore, all toaster ovens sold today are considered e-waste.

Disposing of a Toaster Oven

Consider the functionality of the toaster when you’re deciding what to do with your old toaster oven. It may be possible to pass it along to someone else for use or repair, or it may need to be recycled.

If you have upgraded your toaster oven to a new one, you might be wondering what to do with your old toaster oven. If it is still working properly, the best thing to do is to give it to someone else who can use it.

Check with neighbors, friends, and family members to see if anyone you know needs a working toaster oven. Buy Nothing groups are another great way to pass on goods that you no longer need. 

Consider contacting organizations in your community like shelters or soup kitchens to see if they could make use of your toaster oven. You can also donate your toaster oven to a thrift store. 

Repair It 

If your toaster oven is no longer working or isn’t functioning as well as it used to, think about getting it repaired. While it may be easier to replace it, it can save money to have it repaired instead. You’ll also be helping the environment if you’re able to fix your toaster oven.

Contact the store where you purchased your toaster oven to see if they offer repair services. You can also contact the company that manufactured the toaster oven to see if they will repair it. 

Local companies may also offer repair services for small appliances like toaster ovens. You can also check with friends and family to see if any of them have the skills and knowledge to fix your toaster oven.

Recycle It

Choosing to recycle your toaster oven can be a great option if you aren’t able to donate it or have it fixed. Instead of your toaster oven sitting in a landfill, recycling it can give new life to some of its parts.

Depending on your local regulations, you may be able to put your toaster oven with all of your other recyclable materials for pick up. More likely you will need to either bring it directly to a recycling depot or have a recycling company pick it up.

Keep The Environment Clean!

When you no longer need your old toaster oven, consider the environment when you’re deciding what to do with it. Donating or repairing your toaster oven are great options that let your or someone else get added use out of the appliance. Recycling your toaster oven ensures that all materials are disposed of properly and kept out of the landfill.

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2 thoughts on “How to Dispose of a Toaster Oven The Right Way

  1. Buy nothing groups are great! I just found out about them and ended up gifting my old toaster oven to a family down in Seattle.

    Thanks for discovering this to me Larry!

  2. I have an old (20yrs?) non-digital Black & Decker toaster oven that can’t really be used anymore because the button doesn’t catch and the knobs are a bit off. I live in Brooklyn. Where can I take it to be recycled or properly disposed of?

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