Toaster Life Expectancy & What Affects It

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When you find the perfect toaster, you do not want to let it go. But how long will your beloved toasting buddy stay with you? 

We wish the answer would be “until the end of time”, but sadly, toasters do not last for a lifetime. 

However, by purchasing the correct toaster and taking care of it, you can easily make sure to get the best of what your toaster has to offer.

How Long Do Toasters Last?

Toasters last between five to eight years on average. However, their lifespan greatly depends on some factors, like the brand and quality you decide to purchase, how often the used toaster is cleaned, and how it is handled. These can greatly shorten or lengthen the toaster’s service life.

What Determines The Life Expectancy of a Toaster?

Many different factors contribute to the lifespan of toasters. There are some issues which are also preventable with regular care. 

Here are some common issues which can be easily taken care of without major problems. With a few minutes of maintenance each day, you can make sure that your toaster or toaster oven will last as long as possible


Toasters should be regularly cleaned, preferably after each use. The breadcrumbs and oils that are trapped and collected by the crumb tray will not just sit by idly and wait to be removed. If they are not cleaned out after the toaster’s use, they will slowly but surely deteriorate the toaster’s performance. 

Cleaning out Breadcrumbs

Leaving breadcrumbs to sit around the crumb tray is not a good idea. Each time the toaster is in use, these breadcrumbs will continue to burn. Burning bread in the toaster will ruin its performance and cause the appliance’s improper toasting. With time, the toast will be too light or too dark and you won’t be able to make their toasting functions to toast the bread correctly every again. Be sure to clean out the crumb tray after every use to prevent this from happening.

Cleaning out Oils

Different types of bread, bagels, muffins, waffles, or other foods you are toasting will contain oils in them. During the toasting process, these oils can escape and drip down into the toaster. While this oil quality is smaller than minimal, it can still damage the toaster. Wipe down the toaster after each use – after it cools down – to prevent the trapped oils from starting a fire. One drop of oil inside the toaster is enough to spark a fire when the heating elements are turned on to lead to a disaster. 

In order to do clean your toaster properly check out my complete guide to cleaning a toaster.

No Metal Objects

Do NOT put anything into the toaster that does not belong there. If your toast gets stuck, do not use a fork or any other metal object to remove it. Either use a wooden utensil, like chopsticks, or gently nudge the toast free. Poking metal objects into the toaster can damage the heating elements and, in extreme cases, lead to fires. Prevent this by being cautious of what you put into your toaster. 


Toasters need to be stored in a dry place. If you keep the toaster on the kitchen countertop at all times, make sure the appliance is far enough from the stove or the faucet. These places result in excess moisture built-up near the toaster, which will ruin the toaster. If you are lucky, it will just stop working. But if you do not have such luck, it can lead to fatal consequences.


When it comes to the lifespan of tasters, the brand quality you decide to purchase will also play an important role. 

This does not mean that you always have to buy the most expensive, high-end brands even when looking at kitchen appliances. You just need to know how to differentiate quality deals from cheap deals.

Even if some toasters are cheap or are cheaper compared to some mid-ranged brands, there is a likelihood that these appliances will break down quality. For example, Chinese manufacturers often use low-quality materials to ensure their products can be sold at lower prices. However, these manufacturing materials will degrade quicker and will shorten the toaster’s overall lifespan. However, if you purchase, let’s say, toasters made in the USA, you might be paying more now, but the appliance will last longer.

This is basically the cost per use debate. If something is cheaper to purchase, but it breaks down quickly, they will have a higher cost per use ratio – which makes them more expensive for you as you will need to purchase a new appliance sooner. If a mid-ranged appliance is a bit more expensive, but it lasts three times longer, its cost per use ratio will be low – which makes it more cost-efficient in the long run.

Your Toasting Buddy Will Serve You For a Long Time

If you love your toaster, it will return the affection and provide you with delicious toast for years to come. 

With the proper care, and by researching the market for the perfect appliance, you can make sure that your toaster will last as long as possible. 

On average toasters can last between 6 to 8 years, but by keeping up with its cleaning, storing it in the proper place, and not using metal objects to poke at its insides, your toaster will happily work for you for even longer. 

Also, do not be afraid to splurge a little when getting a new appliance. You do not wish to lose money by having to purchase a new toaster every year (or even more frequently). Research the market, read reviews, and find the best toaster that perfectly fits your needs.

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