Here’s How Hot Does a Toaster Get

Touching a Hot Toaster

Though toasters are one of the smaller kitchen appliances, they are mighty! Toasters can get very hot, so be cautious when using one.

How Hot Does a Toaster Get?

Most toasters are capable of reaching temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of your toaster depends on what setting you are using and how long the toaster has been on.

Since these appliances are able to reach very high temperatures, you should not leave the toaster unattended while it is in use. Ensure that your appliance is clean before using it to avoid burning crumbs or food debris which can cause your toaster to start smoking.

What is The Average Temperature of a Toaster?

On average, your toaster will be around 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit while toasting. The coils themselves get much hotter–over 1000 degrees!

The lower the setting on the toaster, the lower the temperature will be. Using a higher setting will increase the temperature of the appliance.

How Does The Heating Process Work?

Using a toaster seems pretty simple–push down the lever and in a minute or two you’ve got toast! But how does the toaster really work?

Your toaster contains wires that are made from a nickel and chromium alloy that is called nichrome. This is a special type of material that can get very hot without melting and is also able to cool off very quickly.

When you push the lever on your toaster, this activates the heating system inside. The electricity flows to the nichrome wires, causing them to heat almost instantly. The electric current going through the wires produces infrared radiation.

This radiated heat raises the temperature of the bread while also causing it to brown. The setting you have your toaster set to lets the heating system know when to stop producing infrared radiation. At this point, your toast pops back up and is ready to eat!

To find out more you can read my detailed explanation on how toasters operate.

Does a Toaster Get Hot on The Outside?

The outside of a toaster is usually made from either plastic or stainless steel. Toasters that have plastic coverings are less likely to be hot on the outside. They will be warm while in use but not so hot that it could cause burns.

On the other hand, a stainless steel toaster can get hot on the outside. While some stainless steel toasters are warm to the touch, others get hot enough to cause burns if you were to touch the outside while it was in use.

The lever and any buttons or dials are designed to stay cool while the toaster is being used. The top of the toaster will get much hotter than the sides, so use caution when removing your toast.

Toasters Are Pretty Hot!

A small but powerful kitchen appliance, toasters use high temperatures to toast your food. As with any heat source, be sure to use caution when operating this appliance.

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