Best French Door Toaster Ovens

French Door Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens come in different shapes and designs! When looking for your first or next toaster oven, why not give a French door style a chance. This toaster oven style ensures safer access to the dishes, takes up less counter space and provides all of the functionalities that regular toaster ovens do.

What is a French Door Toaster Oven?

A French door toaster oven is like a regular toaster oven. The only difference is the design of its doors, which mimics the aesthetic of French balcony doors. It features two identical doors, equipped with handles, which open parallel to one another (one to the left and one to the fight) when opening the toaster oven’s door.

Best French Door Toaster Ovens on The Market

Let’s face it. Not all toasters are equal! This rule is true for all kitchen appliances – it is basically true for every man-made object. 

Therefore, even among different types of toasters, you will find good and bad ones being sold on the market, and you will need to know what to look for when selecting your new French door toaster oven.

Today, we will take a look at when the toaster oven market has to offer and tell you about the best French door toaster ovens currently available.

Toaster OvenDimensions (Inches)RatingMy Review
Oster TSSTTVFDDG22 x 19.5 x 134.5/5 (3,599 ratings)Jump to Review
Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M21.06 x 15.55 x 13.984.5/5 (1,308 ratings)Jump to Review
Luby Large Toaster Oven22.04 x 16.14 x 14.374.5/5 (2,546 ratings)Jump to Review
Oster 214200820.71 x 24.61 x 17.014.5/5 (27 ratings)Jump to Review
Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven26.14 x 19.06 x 18.744/5 (141 ratings)Jump to Review
Kalorik 26 QT12.5 x 15.75 x 144.5/5 (5,167 ratings)Jump to Review
Galanz GFSK215S2EAQ1821.65 x 19.29 x 12.914.5/5 (314 ratings)Jump to Review
Table representation of best toaster ovens with French doors, their size, and rating.


The Oster TSSTTVFDDG is a French door style toaster oven, which offers excellent functions packaged into a modern design. This model comes in a 22 x 19.5 x 13 inch size that accommodates versatile meal preparations. The tire ensures cooking flexibility with the two rack placement, while its digital controls provide better cooking precision.

The Oster TSSTTVFDDG is a French convection countertop and toaster oven, which is a great choice if you are looking for a French door aesthetic. Its door design allows both doors to open with a single door pull, which makes one-hand handling easier and more convenient. 

This toaster oven comes with digital controls that ensure accurate meal preparations, with precise cooking time and temperature controls. It features the Turbo Convection Baking Technology which improves the cooking time and guarantees even browning and toasting, by circulating hot air in the oven for improved cooking. 

The cooking controls enable the toaster oven to slow the cooking process down, at preset temperatures. This cooking process can be set up to 6 hours, depending on the requirements of the recipe. On the other hand, the Preheat setting allows you to ensure the toaster oven’s precise cooking temperature.

The toaster oven’s inner design accommodates different types of meals. For example, the interior is large enough for two 16 inch pizzas to be baked. The two adjustable cooking racks increase the toaster oven’s cooking, roasting, broiling, etc. flexibility. The interior night makes sure you can check the cooked food without opening the doors.

The Oster TSSTTVFDDG is equipped with a 90 minute timer, after which the toaster oven automatically turns off. This further ensures its performing safety.

Flexible cooking opportunitiesThe French doors need to be clicked into place, else they close right away
Better hot air circulation in the toaster oven
Versatile cooking functions available at the click of a button
Pros and cons of Oster TSSTTVFDDG toaster oven.

Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M

The Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M is another French door style toaster oven which offers baking, broiling, toasting, rotisserie, and warming functions. The toaster oven comes with 2 racks, which can toast 18 bread slices at the same time. It is available in a 21.06 x 15.55 x 13.98 inch size, and is manufactured from stainless steel.

The Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M has an exceptional 45L capacity, which can fit a total of 18 slices of toast, a 20 lb turkey or two 14 inch pizzas. The interior space can be adjusted with the two racks provided with the toaster oven.

The toaster oven’s French door style allows you to choose which side you oven, which enables you to maneuver with countertop space – by optimizing the toaster oven’s placement in the kitchen. Furthermore, the two racks and four different rack placements enable multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time. 

This model offers versatile cooking options and functions. The convection feature optimizes the heat circulation, allowing the toaster oven to achieve richer flavors at shortened times. The Toaster oven features independent temperature knobs that can control the bottom and top heating elements separately up to 450°F. You can play around with the heating elements to ensure the dishes are cooked in the exact manner you want them. The 60 minute timer signals and turns off the toaster oven automatically.

By purchasing the Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M you receive a baking pan, a crumb and grease tray, two removal wire racks, a rotisserie rod and prongs, a rotisserie removal tool, and a tray removal tool for extra convenience

Optimized cooking functions and timersIt is a bit bulkier than some other toaster ovens
Easy cleaning with the crumbs and grease tray
Comes with different tools for efficiency and safety
Pros and cons of Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M toaster oven.

Luby Large Toaster Oven

The Luby Large is a countertop toaster oven with a French door design. This comes in a 22.04 x 16.14 x 14.37 inch size and it is manufactured from stainless steel. The French door design helps save countertop space. The toaster oven offers versatile cooking functions and comes with additional tools for a safer performance

The Luby Large, as the name suggests, is a larger toaster oven, which accommodates versatile foods and dishes. Its French door style ensures a space saving mounting and secure handling when the toaster oven is in function.

The toaster oven features separate temperature selectors, which allow you to control the top and bottom heating elements separately. Two different temperatures can be set, enabling the toaster oven to cook various dishes at the same time, which improves the cooking flexibility.

The functions also include simpler controls and a 60 minute timer, which optimize the temperature and timer settings for easier handling. By setting the temperature and timer controls, the toaster oven will not overcook the meals. 

This toaster oven features four heating tubes that guarantee quicker and even heating. This optimizes the toaster oven’s ability to toast, broil, roast and warm foods in a uniform manner. As a result, different meals can be prepared using this toaster oven without issue.

The design features three large knobs on the right side of the toaster oven, which control the temperature of the top and bottom heating elements, and the time. 

The Luby Large is equipped with a baking tray, a wire rack, and a tray handle, that are included with the purchase.

Separate top and bottom heating optionsThe temperature knobs are not detailed
Easier handling of versatile cooking functions
Larger interior accommodates different dishes
Pros and cons of Luby Large Toaster Oven.

Oster 2142008

The Oster 2142008 is an air fryer and countertop toaster oven which comes in a 20.71 x 24.61 x 17.01 inch size. It is manufactured from stainless steel and features an elegant French door style. This appliance combines an air frying and a toaster oven and offers 10 different cooking options.

The Oster 2142008 is a combination countertop toaster oven, which offers air frying functions as well. The appliance provides 10 versatile cooking options, which allow the toaster oven to accommodate different dishes and meal preparations.

The functions include baking, air frying, toasting, slow cooking, dehydrating, broiling, roasting, warming, making pizza, and turbo convection. These can be selected based on the type of food that needs to be prepared.

It also offers quicker preheating. The toaster oven was designed to lower the time needed to preheat the interior, which helps to lessen the cooking time while lowering the overall energy use – compared to a conventional oven.

The toaster oven has a larger interior that can fit a 15 x 12 inch baking pan. Furthermore, it features three rack positions which can be adjusted based on need. This allows for larger or multiple meals to be prepared at once.

The toaster oven features digital controls that allow you to play around with the temperature and cooking time settings. This guarantees the cooking time and temperature to be precise with versatile dishes and meals.

The Oster 2142008’s French door design allows the toaster oven to be opened with one door. By pulling on one side, both doors open – improves the safety when inserting or removing meals from the toaster oven.

Energy-saving preheatingThe French doors tend to not stay open
10 versatile cooking options 
Air frying and toaster oven in one
Pros and cons of Oster 2142008 toaster oven.

Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven

The Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven is a stainless steel, French door style toaster oven, which comes in a 26.14 x 19.06 x 18.74 inch size. This appliance offers 5 different cooking functions, with powerful convection and quicker preheating. Its knobs allow you to regulate the temperature, the function, and the cooking time to your liking.

The Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven features a French door design, which allows for easier handling. This door style minimizes the countertop space the toaster oven requires, even when its doors are open. Only one handle needs to be pulled to open the toaster oven, as its doors are connected. This guarantees safety when adding or removing dishes from the toaster oven.

This toaster oven has a larger interior which accommodates versatile dishes, meals, and food types. For example, the toaster oven can easily bake 24 muffins, toast 35 chicken wings, bake a 12 inch pizza, or toast 8 slices of bread. This versatility enables the toaster oven’s different applications. 

It features 5 varied cooking controls. The manual knob design allows you to choose between the existing pre-combinations of convection, top or bottom heating elements, and rotisserie functions which can be selected based on the requirements of the recipe. 

This is a convection toaster oven which offers faster and even heating. This optimizes the toaster oven’s broiling and roasting capabilities. The interior circulates the hot air throughout the entire oven, to improve its baking and cooking power.

The Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven is an unusually large appliance. This size guarantees its ability to prepare versatile meals without issues, but it will take up more counter space as well. 

Optimized heat circulationBulky design takes up a lot of space
Five different cooking options
Ability to prepare versatile dishes
Pros and cons of Aobosi Convection Toaster Oven.

Kalorik 26 QT

The Kalorik 26 QT is a stainless steel air frying and toaster oven mix. It is on the smaller side as its dimensions are 12.5 x 15.75 x 14 inches. It combines all of the benefits of an air fryer and a toaster oven, which provides 10 different cooking options. The small size should not fool anyone, this appliance offers a powerful performance.

The Kalorik 26 QT is a bit of an odd egg on this list. It is a French door toaster oven and air fryer in one. It offers various cooking options, which improve the usefulness of this appliance. The 10 different cooking settings and the 21 presets enable versatile dish preparations without issue. 

The special Turbo MAXX airflow system is able to provide temperatures up to 500°F, which greatly lowers the overall cooking time. This technology allows this air fryer to increase its performance, compared to other similar kitchen appliances. 

While the toaster oven is smaller than some I have mentioned before, it utilizes its interior space well. The interior is still able to fit a whole chicken, 12 inch pizzas, 9 slices of bread with still enough room for the heat to circulate. This allows you to effortlessly prepare different meals without the hassle. 

The Kalorik 26 QT comes with numerous accessories, which are needed for its versatile cooking functions. This appliance includes a rotisserie spit and handle, a crumb tray, a rack handle, a steak tray, a bacon tray, a baking pan, and an air frying basket. These additional accessories ensure the appliance’s exceptional cooking performance while guaranteeing your safety during the cooking process.

Comes with numerous accessoriesOn the smaller size, might not fit some dishes
Air frying and toaster oven in one
Turbo MAXX airflow system optimizes the performance
Pros and cons of Kalorik 26 QT toaster oven.

Galanz GFSK215S2EAQ18

The Galanz GFSK215S2EAQ18 is a French door toaster oven which features an enhanced air fry technology. This appliance is available in three colors: stainless steel, hot rod red, and bebop blue. It comes in a 21.65 x 19.29 x 12.91 inch size and can be purchased with or without the accessories.

The Galanz GFSK215S2EAQ18 is a special French door style toaster oven, which was manufactured with the TotalFry 360 Technology. This allows the toaster oven to air fry foods without the use of oil and without sacrificing the flavors. The frying kit offers a larger frying area inside the toaster oven, which helps to optimize the hot air circulation. The TotalFry 360 technology allows the toaster oven to function as well as any other air fryer would.

The toaster oven comes with 8 cooking functions. The programs include air frying, dehydrating, toasting, broiling, baking, convection, making pizza and rotisserie. By selecting the specific cooking function, versatile dishes can be prepared with ease. 

The soft-close French door design allows both doors to open when one handle is pulled. The soft-close design ensures their easier opening and closing, while the French door style saves valuable counter space when the doors are opened.

The toaster oven features an interior light that allows you to easily check how the cooking process is going, without having to open the doors. This minimizes the need to open the toaster oven and let the hot air escape. 

The appliance features a digital timer and manual knobs. This combination ensures that the time remaining and the chosen cooking settings can be easily read, while also allowing the user to change up the functions during the cooking process.

8 cooking functions are availableThe appliance can get hot during cooking
Soft-close French door design ensures easier handling
TotalFry 360 technology improves the cooking process
Pros and cons of Galanz GFSK215S2EAQ18 toaster oven.

What’s the Best French Door Toaster Oven?

It goes without saying that the toaster oven market is oversaturated. Many different designs are found for sale with different aesthetics, door designs, and functions. The same can be said for French door toaster ovens as well.

When it comes to selecting the BEST of the best from the French door styles toaster ovens, the answer is not easy to get. Versatile models provide varying functions, which will suit different households, so choosing the best is quite a difficult task.

However, if you are looking to get the best cost for the money spent, I would suggest getting a toaster oven air fryer mix. These appliances provide you with versatile cooking options, which do not face the limitations of regular toaster ovens or regular ovens. 

Not only do these mixed appliances provide you with better cooking options, but they will allow you to create healthy and flavorful masterpieces in your kitchen. From the above list, I would like to highlight the Oster 2142008 which offers 10 cooking functions, larger interior space and overall better performance. 

While this toaster oven might not suit everyone’s taste, it gives a good start when searching for your next toaster oven.

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