Benefits of Having a Toaster

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Toasters are an essential part of any kitchen. They are available in a wide variety of colors and you can find one for every budget. Whether it’s a simple 2-slice toaster with just a lever and a dial, or a fancier 4-slice model with multiple settings, adding a toaster to your kitchen is a great idea!

Reasons Why You Want a Toaster

Toasters offer multiple benefits, making them one of the most popular kitchen appliances around. Owning a toaster can bring simplicity and ease to your kitchen.

Saves Time

We’re all busy these days and anything that can save us time is a welcome addition to our homes. Mornings are especially hectic when you’re getting ready for work or getting your kids off to school.

Using a toaster can save you time in the kitchen. You can easily toast bread, waffles, bagels, and more in just a minute or two. Instead of waiting for your oven or toaster oven to get hot, use a toaster to get your breakfast ready fast!

Need to make something quickly for your kids after school? Or maybe you need a bite to eat before heading to the gym. A toaster is a quick way to prepare a snack.

Easy to Use

A toaster is a simple, easy-to-use appliance. The main components you will use are the heat settings, the push button or control lever, and the cancel button. 

Your toaster’s heat or timer settings are also known as the browning control. When the knob or dial is set to low, your bread or other food items will only toast a little bit. The higher the setting, the more toasty things get. 

Be cautious when adjusting the heat and timer settings. Most toasters will not need to be set any higher than medium to achieve the desired result. Toasting something on a high setting may result in burning your food.

Since toasters are easy to use, they are a great way for children to learn how to make food on their own. Young children should be supervised as the toaster can get hot. Older children can use a toaster to make their own breakfast or snack!

Energy Efficient

A toaster is a very energy-efficient appliance. This makes it a great choice for environmental reasons since it creates little demand for electricity.

Since toasters use a small amount of electricity, the cost of using them is low. An average 2-slice toaster will use around 900 watts, while a 4-slice toaster may use 1400 watts.

Compared to using an electric oven, a toaster uses much less energy. A typical electric oven can use up to 5000 watts. That’s more than five times as much electricity as a 2-slice toaster.


It seems like there’s always something that needs purchasing. We work hard for our money and want to spend it wisely. When it comes to kitchen appliances, toasters are one of the least expensive options.

An electric oven can range from $500 for a basic model to over $3,000 for a deluxe version. The average toaster oven is around $125. The toaster is inexpensive, averaging $30 for a simple model or $50 for one with more settings or slots.

If you take proper care of your toaster it should last at least five or six years, possibly longer. The purchase cost of a toaster is less than a dollar per month!

Many Settings

Toasters are great because they provide different settings. Everyone in your family can have their bagels, bread, and waffles just the way they like them!

Whether you enjoy your bread lightly toasted, almost burnt, or somewhere in the middle, a toaster lets you customize it to your preference.

Many toasters have extra settings, for example, a bagel setting. This is used when toasting a bagel or an English muffin, which are typically thicker than bread. The toaster automatically adjusts the time needed to toast these items.

Some toasters even come with a defrost button. This setting allows you to take items straight from the freezer and put them in the toaster. The defrost setting ensures your frozen bread toasts just right.

Easy to Clean

Toasters are a breeze to keep clean. Unlike an oven which requires smelly chemicals and lots of scrubbing, a toaster can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Toasters come with a crumb tray that catches any bread crumbs that fall off your bread when it is toasting. This tray easily slides out or pulls down, depending on the model of your toaster. All you need to do is dump the crumbs in the garbage!

Aside from emptying the crumb tray, you should wipe down the exterior of your toaster with a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe any knobs and handles since these are the most frequently touched spots. Regular cleaning will remove fingerprints and keep your toaster looking nice!

Fits in Small Spaces

While many kitchen appliances are big and bulky, a toaster is small enough to fit in even the tiniest of kitchens. An average toaster is only 17 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 11 inches high.

You can choose to keep your toaster on your countertop or to tuck it away underneath when not in use. Either way, it’s easy to find room for a toaster in your kitchen.

Get Toasty!

A toaster is an affordable, efficient, and time-saving kitchen appliance. Simple to operate and easy to clean, it can be used by the whole family. Choose a toaster that provides the settings you want and get ready to enjoy freshly toasted bread, bagels, and more!

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